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My Story


Hi there, and welcome to Mad Ceramics! My Name is Madalynn and I am the one woman show behind Mad Ceramics. I grew up in the high deserts of Utah, but moved to Northern California when I was 15 and have since lived in Washington state and now reside in Southern Oregon. I fell head over heels for the pacific northwest, and a lot of the inspiration for my work is derived from the magical landscapes and plants of the PNW. I was raised by artists and musicians, and have always felt most like myself when working with my hands so pursuing an art career has always been my dream. I enrolled in college with the intent to pursue oil painting, and that's where I took my first wheel throwing class and fell completely in love with clay. I soon dropped out of college to travel for a couple years, but I always knew I would come back to working with clay. Once I settled down here in Oregon I joined the local community pottery studio and spent hours practicing throwing, trimming, and glazing. Eager to dive deeper into the art of ceramics I decided to invest in a wheel and kiln to create my own home studio. After a lot of trial and error I started to find my personal style, and started sell my work online. Over the last 6 years my style and techniques have evolved but my main inspiration is still derived from the plant kingdom. Along this journey I became involved and certified in the healing art of herbalism, so a lot of my designs incorporate medicinal and wild/native plants and flowers. I put my original passion of painting to use in my designs as I hand paint each piece and then apply a technique called scriffito to the painting to add more depth and detail. After primarily selling my work online due to the pandemic, this last year I have started to venture out to local artisans markets and festivals. I am now a member of the Lithia Artisans Market and you can find me selling my work most weekends in downtown Ashland, OR from April-Oct. I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me, to watch my work evolve, and to meet those who are inspired by my work.

Thanks so much for being here, and for all your support!